Our church has been blessed by some  two dozen children preparing for  their First Holy Communion.  They file in at the start of mass and fill the front rows. The overflow fills the rows behind. Our multi-cultural church has become even more alive by this witness of our young. They too benefit from seeing the example of  the assembly: how we pray in silence, sing in joy and acclamation, and in reverence received  the precious body and blood of our saviour. Also they experience the practicalities of finding their way around the hymnal, changing postures and gestures.

The presence of the children has also given the assembly some thought. We take pride in the place these children will take in our community. We acknowledge that somehow their presence has enriched our own experience of participating in the mass. We each learn from each other.

Candidates and catechumens also enrich the community in which they grow and settle. They too can benefit from our example,  of being invited along to  see the church in which we worship. A meditative walk through the church with someone (sponsor) to answer questions, offers a good introduction. Follow up with attending mass with their sponsor or RCIA catechists or their own family. As soon as they are catechumens, let the rest of the church know that these are your catechumens, so the whole community can be ready to help and support them.

  • All Saints day offers a great opportunity  for prayer, 
  • stories and catechesis about the catholic church,
  • the Church Fathers, our tradition and our  Saints.
Introduce them to icons, sacred art, saints from their birth country, modern day saints. A catechetical  opportunity exists to follow up in future months; after all each of them is a potential saint.
            ‘The initiation of catechumens is a gradual process that takes place within the community of the faithful…… the faithful provide an example that will help the catechumens to obey the Holy spirit more generously’. RCIA 4