A new section of the RCIA Network’s website was launched at our recent Conference:

Becoming a Catholic

Over the last few years we have found that people have been linking to the Network’s website as a way of giving people information about the  Rite and/or about becoming a Catholic. As the Network’s website is aimed at practitioners it was not clear what enquirers would have found helpful.

The other reason was an awareness that if someone comes to you as enquirer in May but you do not start until September (one of the things we discussed at the Conference) how might you help someone. Related to this was a recognition that in the age of the internet people may want to find out and try out before they even knock on the door.

If you want to give the web address to people you can use: www.becomingacatholic.org.uk

The website has a number of sections:


This gives a number of ideas of things to do and think about. These may include new experiences but also activities such as listening to music or a walk in the country which may already be doing. These include visiting a Church, talking to Friends and looking at the News. The pages seek encourage people and affirm that people will have different journeys of coming to faith.


This section provides a space to tell people’s stories and show that other people have been in a similar situation to enquirer. As I mentioned at the Conference it would be great to have more stories of people – so if you have one please send it in.


A look at the Rite of Christian Initiation and what to expect once you knock on the presbytery door. It is quite hard to be faithful to be vision of the Rite and explain it in way that makes some sense  to those who have no previous experience.


There are two parts to this section. Frequently Asked Questions – this is an attempt to recall or identify the questions people ask and try to answer them. This is another area where if there questions that have arisen from your experience which might be added – they would be welcome (and even better give an answer too!). The second part is a Glossary – definitions of many of the words (or even jargon) that an enquirer may come across.

What next?

The website is not intended to be comprehensive so there are some ideas about what to do next.


Please have  look round – if you have ideas, questions  or something contribute that would be welcome.