As members of the RCIA network executive Carolyn, Martin and myself   accepted an invitation to attend the Eurocat 2014 conference.  The conference is attended by people who have responsibility for RCIA in their countries and who meet for the purpose of discussion and sharing our experience. We were looking at what it means to be an initiating community and what impact the initiation of new members has on the community.

I would like to share the information that we provided on examples of how RCIA happens in England and Wales. There will be further blogs on some of the talks of the conference.

We were asked  to bring along  information to include in a poster for each participating country continuing the following DSC09002 RCIA Network country poster 2014 resizedinformation:

How many adult baptisms do you have in your country? Could you provide any information on origin and motivation of the applicants?

  • 1385 Catechumens attended Rite of Election
  • (+1,827 Candidate. Total of 3286)

What do we manage well on the way of the catechumenate?

  • Growing sense of ‘apprenticeship’ model
  • Growing use of Lectionary

What do we manage less well?

  • Clericalisation — one to one
  • Loss of vision
  • Not honouring people’s baptism – i.e. blurring catechumens & candidates
  • Integration into community – prior to mystagogy


How do parishes get into ways of the catechumenate? Which role do catechumenal liturgies play in the parishes?

  • By sharing information
  • By Inviting prayer
  • Use of Lectionary
  • By liturgy






Which parishes or communities are looking for new-baptised persons?



o   Danger that Evangelisation is seen as separate to Catechumenate

o   Can be focussed on the ‘lapsed’