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Study Days 2011

The RCIA Network 2011 Study Days will be:

  • Saturday 18 June — West Wakefield Methodist Church, Wakefield
  • Saturday 25 June — Amigo Hall, St George’s Cathedral, Southwark

This year there will be 2 regional Study Days which will offer 6 workshops and participants will be able to take part in 3 across the day.

Led by experienced RCIA practitioners, the workshops will offer an opportunity to all involved or wishing to be involved in RCIA, or sacramental programmes, to update skills, learn of new ways of implementing RCIA and to share good practice and tips.


Choose any 3 Workshops

  1. RCIA Basic Introduction Being pragmatic, an overview of the basics of RCIA and how it might evolve in a real parish situation
  2. Using Scripture in RCIA: how faith is caught and taught. The RCIA is a great source of wisdom to help us communicate the Gospel to the seekers of today
  3. Liturgy as formative: liturgical catechesis. Growing in participation in the liturgy is one of the core aspects of RCIA. How do we form participants for liturgy and how can we use the liturgy as a source for formation.
  4. RCIA in deanery or pastoral areas. For some this is a present reality, for others a future challenge: what are the opportunities?
  5. CICCA. (Christian Initiation for Children of Catechetical Age) Exploring how we can follow the vision and Spirit of the rite in varying pastoral situations for children between the ages of 7 and 14.
  6. Group Leadership Skills. ‘Where two or three are gathered in my name’. Exploring the ways in which Christ can be effectively communicated in small-group catechesis with a focus on facilitation

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