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Conference 2014

PelotonThe RCIA Network 2014 Conference will be:

  • Tuesday 8 – Thursday 10 July 2014
  • High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesodon

A regular topic that is requested in feedback at Network Conferences is help with the RCIA team. Requests include recruiting members, working together, developing knowledge and skills. A good team can help RCIA flourish in a parish.
As the Tour de France will be racing past on its British leg we are taking the image of the Peloton – the cycling group that support each other to describe, in part, the fostering of an RCIA team, and the different ways in which we employ the gifts of team players, in resourcing the ministry of accompanying those ‘on the ride’ of conversion to Christ!
The Conference will look at three main areas: working in a team, teams and RCIA, putting into practice.
The theme will be further explored through group work, workshops led by experienced practitioners from the RCIA Network, and prayer — cycling is optional!

  • Full board with ensuite accommodation early bird £200/£235
  • Full board with non-ensuite accommodation early bird £160/£195
  • Non-residential for the whole conference rates on application
  • early bird prices before 30 April.

Booking Form

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