Some ideas to recharge batteries!

battery and charger


With the summer break ahead of us and the possibility of  a little more time on our hands, it might be good to try to use some of it to give your spiritual life a bit of a boost. If you are involved in tourism or farming or other work that peaks at this time of year you will, obviously, have less time but, hopefully,  will find something that you could squeeze into the busy-ness to recharge your batteries.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  •  Take an awareness walk. This is as simple as going for a walk locally or by the sea or in the hills. Before you start, ask the Holy Spirit to open up your senses so that you see—hear—touch—taste—smell more clearly. As you walk pause frequently and tune your senses in to what is around you.
  • You might like to pray something like St Francis’ Canticle of the Sun or the canticle in Daniel 3 or one of the hymns that celebrate God’s Creation.
  •  Prepare a picnic or barbecue—even if it is just for yourself. Bring to mind some of the many meals Jesus and his friends shared in the open-air. Find a spot where you—and, if with others, your family and friends can simply relax, enjoying good food and good company just as Jesus did. You could use one of the Gospels (the barbecue Jesus made for his friends after his resurrection for example, (John 21)) and chat about what this tells you about the importance of taking time to enjoy being with each other and sharing a simple meal.
  •  Catch up with prayer. If you find that there are things that you have not been able to pray about recently, make a point of taking a morning—afternoon—a whole day—or longer to give the issues some time and space. You can do this alone or with someone you trust.
  •  Take a prayer walk around your neighbourhood—physically or imaginatively from home. Pray for the places you pass—schools—doctors’ surgeries—workplaces… You do not need to make this embarrassingly obvious—just pause to pray a short prayer and move on.


  • You could invite catechists, sponsors, welcomers or catechumens to the above.