This Pentecost is an opportunity for us to give thanks for the presence and work of the Holy Spirit in our RCIA groups. Pope Paul VI wrote that:

“techniques of evangelisation are good, but even the most advanced ones could not replace the gentle action of the Spirit. The most perfect preparation of the evangeliser has no effect without the Holy Spirit.” (Evangelisation in the Modern World, 75)

So the Spirit of God has been at work over the last year in our RCIA groups but how aware are we of this?

Perhaps you have experienced the gentle action of the Holy Spirit consoling, comforting and affirming like the dove, like a gentle breeze, like the breath of God bringing new life?

Perhaps the Spirit for you has been challenging and stirring things up, like the sound of the mighty wind that the disciples heard at Pentecost? Perhaps you have experienced this power in your own life and seen its effects in those who have been initiated?

Perhaps the Spirit has been burning like the holy fire, like the tongues of flame that rested on the head of each of the disciples? Enlightening, purifying, guiding?

There are so many wonderful symbols and images of how the Holy Spirit works in the scriptures and they remind us that the Spirit is always at work in us.

It may be an idea to look for opportunities to tell the story of how the Lord has been at work in your group and in the lives of those who have been part of the RCIA process as this is a good way to encourage others who may be considering being part of future RCIA groups. Perhaps a short faith sharing in your parish or at some other gathering or something on your parish website or newsletter?

During this Year of Faith where we are encouraged to reflect on what we believe let us give thanks for the presence and work of the Holy Spirit, who is the Lord the Giver of Life and recommit ourselves to using the gifts we have been given to give loving service.