The journey through the Easter season, and the opportunity for reflection on the powerful experience of Easter night, is one for all of us.  The mystery is so great that we are given six whole weeks to have that deepen initial reflection, and then spend the rest of our lives being embraced by it.   In Christ, through our own baptism, we are given a new way of seeing things, a new way of being in the world, hopeful, joyful – companions with each other on the road, sharing our heart-burning stories and living differently.


And a journey always brings change – in the travellers!   Of course it does!  Read any travel book and you’ll find that. Make any journey yourself and you discover it too.   This journey invites us to be evangelised – to meet Christ and be changed by Him – and to experience his friendship, as part of the Body of Christ, in our turn to glorify God, to be light and hope,  to nourish and comfort and heal wherever we find ourselves in the world.  And if that sounds ‘challenging’, its not in our own strength – it comes naturally, instinctively, through the grace of God given to us.
Take a moment to think back on your own journey of faith – what has brought you to this moment.  Who has influenced your life along the way – encouraged you not to give up when the going gets tough.  Find the joy – again!  Amazing grace.