Many of us in our parishes will have recently welcomed new enquirers to our RCIA groups. All those that we welcome are seeking in some way, as indeed we all are. All human beings -all of us- long to belong, and as the community of the Church we are called to be a community of welcome. The late John Paul II wrote that the fundamental job of a parish is:

‘in a word to be a house of welcome to all and a place of service to all… (Quoted from Christifidelis Laici, The Lay Faithful, paragraph 27).

Today the Church honours St Therese of the Child Jesus who famously wrote:

“I have found my place in the Church, and you gave me that very place, my God.”

Those of us who are catechists need to find our unique place of service in the Church, just as St Therese did. We all have a particular vocation, our own unique gifts and we know that sometimes it is a journey of discovery to find our true place of service. St Therese discovered that her vocation was to be love in the heart of the Church. May love be our motivation too as we continue to serve those who present themselves as enquirers.

We pray that over the coming months those we accompany may find what they are seeking. We know that ultimately they are seeking the Living God- Father, Son and Spirit, the Kingdom and their unique place in the Church. We hope to rejoice with them each step of the way and share their joy of discovery as they receive the Sacraments of Initiation. May they soon be able to make the words of St Therese their own and say truly for themselves “I have found my place in the Church”.