When coming to a deeper faith there are two things in particular that I remember: Firstly that the two significant witnesses to Christ I met at that time were people of love, I felt loved by them. Secondly, I remember them talking about Jesus.

Sure I had heard people talk about Jesus before but not in the immediate and relevant way that these two witnesses did. For the first time Jesus for me moved from being the Jesus of history to the living Risen Christ that I too could encounter.

The uncomfortable fact is that much of what we do and say will (probably) ultimately be forgotten. People though will, I suggest, remember if they feel loved and if they hear us talking about Jesus.

The Gospel for the Baptism of the Lord says that John in the course of his preaching heralded the One who was to come , the Messiah. He probably preached about lots of other things too but they aren’t recorded there, just the essentials. When Jesus comes out of the waters of the river Jordan we hear that he has experienced love, that he is Beloved and this too is remembered and passed on.

As catechists let’s continue to ensure that, among all the other duties we have connected to faithfully passing on the faith, that we love those who come along to RCIA and speak of Jesus to them- when all is said and done these are the things that they will probably most remember.