It is Wonderful…

“Lord, he said ” it is wonderful for us to be here…effusive comment from Peter in this week’s Gospel on the Transfiguation of Christ. 

Some of the same sentiment was expressed by those who attended the recent celebrations of the Rite of Election.  Various blogs and Diocesan website reports have noted the positive and encouragging experiences from around England and Wales.

The Transfiguration offers Peter, James and John, and us as the continuous Christian community , the preview and confirmation of the Resurrection.  Peter’s enthusiasim suggests he has had a ‘eureka’ moment and come to a realisation of who Jesus really is.  However, we also know that Jesu asks the disciples not to mention the event until the time is right.

The RCIA process is that gradual realisation and acknowledgement of who Jesus is for us.  In that journey we are often called to change; to change our ways, our perceptions and our outlook.  Jesus’ outlook was transformed.  This is a reminder to us that His example of obedience to the Father’s will, His faithful friendship and service to the people he met and His invitation to us to continually recognise him in his glory remains available to us today.

The Call to Continuing Conversion alongside the gospel of the Transfiguration promts us to reflect on this slow but steady process of becoming more Christlike while anticipating the surprises associated with the ongoing experience of conversion.

Peter is moved from excitement to reverence.  We are to look for and savour those moment when we ‘see’ or know who Jesus Christ really is for us peronally and for all of us in the world toda.  The call to continuing conversion asks us to be ready like Abram and like Peter to journey and then re-settle ourselves in the presence of God.