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Many RCIA/ Journey in Faith groups are just gearing up and, over coming months will cover a lot of material about Scripture, Catholic Traditions and Practices and much more.

Traditionally, October is the month of the Rosary. Many Catholics will pray it at home – some churches will offer it before or after Mass (if it is not already part of their custom) and this could be the month to introduce it to your group. All 20 Mysteries in one go would be likely to give them spiritual indigestion – particularly our catechumens. But each Mystery marks a step on the way through the New Testament part of the story of salvation and so to encourage people to try to pray a Mystery a day as a short meditation might be a way to give them an overview.

Here are some ideas to get your own started!

  • Do you – or someone you know have a set of rosary beads with a story? They might, for example, have belonged to a grandparent or other relative… Or been made specially… Or bought on a pilgrimage… Talk to the group about this and how praying with something can invest it with “something” (spiritual energy – prayer – something indefinable but real). You might like to talk about how parents would sometimes give a loved one a set of rosary beads to keep with them when they emigrated – or how people in captivity have made a rosary from string to help them to focus on prayer in horrendously difficult circumstances – or other story of how important a place this prayer has in Catholic life.
  • Talk the group through the Rosary – starting with the Annunciation and going through each of the Mysteries and showing how they come together as one long narrative – edited highlights, almost, of the Gospel. (Some in your group might like to know the Scripture references so it would be good to have those – or a Scriptural Rosary book). If time permits, you could collect pictures of different styles that depict the various mysteries to illustrate your talk.
  • Propose that, during October, members of the group pray a Mystery a day – using Rosary beads if they have them. People could pray one set of Mysteries each week and share any insights with the main group at the next meeting.
  • Make a “prison rosary”… using rough string, tie one big knot (three knots in one place) and ten ordinary ones then tie it into a loop. People could keep it in a pocket or around a wrist and pray it from time to time during the month – remembering in solidarity those in captivity and in need of prayer.