I love Summer, every part of it, especially the last days of the season. Holidays are great and generally most people manage a break from their usual routine: a holiday away, a break in which to meet old friends, relatives and perhaps make new ones. Even the overworked, those tied to the home, or looking after family, manage to get some time out. In a busy schedule having a day away in new surroundings, experiencing something new or returning to a place well remembered, can give one a fresh perspective on life. 

This Summer we have had lots of Big Events nationally: Jubilee celebrations, Olympics, paralympics.

Big events tend to inspire other people to do things they may not have previously thought of. The  glow of aspiration and hope and commitment continue, sometimes long after the occasion.  Here’s some tips how to harness some of that energy.

TIPS for busy catechists

The end of summer  can be a time to harness new ideas and initiatives:

  • Start your team meeting by inviting members to share their vision for RCIA;
  • Do a brainstorming session and invite the first great idea from each, then the second….
  • take a rollcall of your community as to how many volunteered for the olympics etc;
  • Have a volunteer co-ordinator to note down skills, gifts and offers to help.
  • Remind the parish what RCIA is. How all the baptised have a role to play;*

‘…the initiation of adults is the responsibility of all the baptised’ (rite of christian initiation of adults #9)

Summer can be as good a time as the new year to introduce new ideas and new ways of  doing things.

  • If your team is not in the habit of referring to the rite itself,  perhaps give them a copy of a section to reflect on over the month, and then review at the next team meeting.
  • Perhaps make this a time to bring more awareness of RCIA to the whole parish.
  • Discuss with your team how you can avoid giving expectations that the sacraments of initiation will follow after a set time. For the unbaptised the only certainty should be that the Easter Vigil is  ‘the proper time for the sacraments of initiation; (RCIA #8).
  • And above all enjoy your ministry. It is a great calling