As it is probably a general view of this blog that an all year round catechumenate is a good things, if not an easy thing. It seems appropriate that the blog does continues all through the year. As with a year round catechumenate it does not mean that the same level of offering is present but contact and support is kept up.

In this Sunday’s Gospel (Matthew 14:13-21):

  • Jesus withdraws to a lonely place
  • The crowd catches up with them and he has pity for them
  • It is evening and the disciples want to send people away for some food
  • Jesus tells the disciples — give them something to eat themselves
  • They have 5 loaves and 2 fish — Jesus takes the bread, blesses it, breaks it and gives it to them
  • There is more than they wanted.

A Paradox — perhaps

The disciples are told to provide the food themselves and find they have more than enough. Often what we are looking for is already present whether it be new team members or sponsors. The resources, the people we need are present in our parish — in fact they can come from no where else.

However those we seek to evangelise we need to begin to seek from beyond our familiar boundaries. It is worth reflecting on where those who been through the RCIA process in the past have come from and wondering what might be done to widen our ‘net’.