Two things I have come across on the web in the last week: something to think about and some resources.

Too Protestant?

is a blog post by Jerry Galipeau which goes to the heart of what is the RCIA about: a relationship with Christ and/or an introduction to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Now it isn’t either or but it is a matter of perspective – see the last blogpost on Jesus at the heart of the process.

His starting point is two questions:

  • The RCIA in my parish is…
  • The goal of the RCIA in my parish is…

and then invites people to reflect on what they do and what they aspire to do.

The Liturgical Catechist

This is a website by Joyce Donahue which brings together useful resources from around the web.These include a series of videos introducing the Sacraments and looking at First Communion liturgies — go and explore