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Happy New Year
For those involved in RCIA every year is a Year of Faith. A time when we share the faith of the Church with others and through that interaction deepen our own faith. However this year will be special and there are number of events to explore the theme of faith in this Year.
Top of the list must be this year’s RCIA Network Conference. We are returning north to the excellent facilities of Sedgeley Park in Manchester which we have enjoyed in previous years. The main input will be from Fr Paul Turner. Many people may have come across him from his presentations on the new Missal and he brings the same depth of knowledge and pastoral sensitivity to RCIA. See below for more information
While Fr Paul is over here from the United States he will also be involved in 2 Conferences in the South of England and two clergy training events in the North. Further details will be posted when available.
This is a new format for the RCIA Network Newsletter. The intention is send it out to members by email more regularly – every two months. As well as News it will have ideas for Good Practice and a Question for Reflection.

News & Events

Faith: believed, celebrated, live & prayed
RCIA Network Conference 2013, 2-4 July 2013, Manchester

The Conference will explore how we pass on faith in all the four ways or dynamics which are described in the rite: in our catechesis, liturgy, life and prayer. Booking form and further details now available.
4422160_s-darker Opening the Doors of Faith
RCIA Network Conference 2012

Resources and material from last year’s Conference are now available on the website.
Presenting the Creed
Walking the Rite Way – RCIA Network Blog

A recent post on the Network blog looks at the Presentation of the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer which take place during Lent in the Period of Purification and Enlightenment. If you have never done one of these Presentations before this could be a great fruit of the Year of Faith to introduce one. of them
Network Executive News
Caroline Dollard stood down as the Convenor of the Executive at the last meeting in December. She took on the role in 2008 and we are grateful for wise leadership and guidance. Caroline will remain on the Executive and the role of Convenor has been passed to Molly Styant.
We welcomed a new member to the Executive at the last meeting – Julia Palmer who is Adviser on Parish Catechesis and Adult Formation in Nottingham diocese.
As well as planing the Conferences the Executive is looking at ways to share knowledge and resources, better communicate the vision of the and how best we can be a Network and what may be needed to financially to support this.

Food for the Journey – Resources & Ideas
This section is an opportunity to share good practice from around the country. If you have ideas you would like to share we would love to hear them. Please send an email to Martin Foster – address below.
Prayer for the Journey

Kathryn Turner is the head of Hexham and Newcastle diocese’s Spirituality Department. Those who attended last year’s Conference will know she has many insights in to RCIA and Prayer. For the diocesan RCIA newsletter she is writing a regular feature which gives prayer ideas for RCIA. The current January issue looks forward to the Rite of Election and gives creative ideas for discernment.

Question for Reflection
With each issue of the Newsletter we would like to invite to share your experience and insights from your own situation. To open the discussion each time there will be a question which might like to share with others in your parish team. There will also be a link to the Network blog and space for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas.
When preparing for the Rite of Election – what do you find works well?

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