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eNewsletter – April 2013

Happy Easter
There is a song by Damian Lundy about the Triduum which begins One Cold Night in Spring — this year that definitely seemed to be the case! As Winter seems to be taking a long time to end this year and blossom is only beginning to appear on the trees we recognise that the early-bird may not yet have left the nest yet. In other words we have extended the early bird offer for our Network Conference until the end of the month. If you want to take advantage of the offer which gives a substantial saving on the Conference Fee please get your booking form in (with or without payment) by 30 April. The Booking Form which can be downloaded from the website has been amended to reflect this.

News & Events
Faith: believed, celebrated, live & prayed
RCIA Network Conference 2013, 2-4 July 2013, Manchester

The Conference will be led by Fr Paul Turner and will explore how we pass on faith in all the four ways or dynamics which are described in the rite: in our catechesis, liturgy, life and prayer.
See above for news that the early-bird discount has been extended.
There will be an opportunity for a couple of workshops in the Conference. These will include:
  • Prayer in the Catechumenate
  • The Catechumenate in parish clusters or deaneries
  • Lectionary based catechesis
  • Looking at the history of the Catechumenate
Other RCIA Events
North & South 2013
As mentioned last time Fr Paul Turner will be involved in a number of other events:

Northern RCIA Network — Clergy Days
Friday, 12 July 2013 — St Bernadette’s, Whitefield, Manchester
Friday, 19 July 2013 — Ampleforth Abbey (Postgate Room)
Southern Province
8th-10th July at Exeter University
15th-17th July at Digby Stuart College
Pope Benedict & Initiation
Walking the Rite Way – RCIA Network Blog

A recent post on the Network blog looks at some of the Pope Emeritus’ writings on Initiation and the challenges he offers us.

Food for the Journey – Resources & Ideas
This section is an opportunity to share good practice. If you have ideas you would like to share we would love to hear them. Please send an email to Martin Foster – address below.
Mystagogy — the basics

Like the rest of the RCIA journey the period of Mystagogia, following the Easter Vigil, is about developing the skills and habits of becoming a Christian, about learning discipleship. In this period the skill is to learn to reflect and draw meaning from our life as a follower of Jesus, particular in our encounter with him in the liturgy. At the heart of this are three very simple questions:

  • What have I experienced?
  • What does it tell me about Jesus?
  • What does it tell me about the Church?

Sometimes our responses will also be simple, at others they will be much deeper. This is a habit which is for life not just for Eastertime.

Question for Reflection
With each issue of the Newsletter we would like to invite to share your experience and insights from your own situation. To open the discussion each time there will be a question which might like to share with others in your parish team. There will also be a link to the Network blog and space for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas.
What are the ways you mark the end of the newly baptiseds’ or receiveds’ participation in your group?

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