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RCIA-col-sm eNewsletter – October 2013

Always start anew from Christ!
One of the major events of the Year of Faith in Rome was the International Conference for Catechists which took place in September. A number of Network members were there and you can read Sue Petritz’s two reports on the blog. Pope Benedict often spoke about the need for Catechist to be authentic witnesses to Christ. In Pope Francis’ speech to the Conference he developed this first by reminding catechists of St Francis’ words: ‘”Preach the Gospel at all times; if necessary, use words.” Words come… but witness comes first: people should see the Gospel, read the Gospel, in our lives.’
To start anew from Christ, to be his witness, means first to know him, to abide in him. From this the call of the catechist to let Christ transform their lives so that they can be Christ to others. Lastly, it can call us out of our comfort zone but we are not to be afraid as Christ is with us.
To be a catechist is not a job but a vocation. Pope Francis explains that to be a catechist is about not just the acquisition of knowledge but a way of being. This obviously has resonance with our Summer Conference that faith is believed, lived,prayed and celebrated. In the catechumenate we do not just open up for the people the teachings of the Church but that we invite them to a way of life.
This was a great Summer for RCIA events and you can read about them below and on the website. One of the fruits of the various conferences is that people hear about the Network and join — we welcome over 25 new members since our last Newsletter.
Date for the Diary
8-10 July 2014 — RCIA Network Conference, High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon

News & Events
Faith: believed, celebrated, live & prayed
RCIA Network Conference 2013, 2-4 July 2013, Manchester

Members old and new enjoyed Paul Turner’s ‘Catechumenate-in-slow-motion’ — a chance to explore in detail the different dynamics of faith and to share ideas with others. Participants should have received copies of Paul Turner’s presentations and other resources from the Conference have been placed on the website (click title above) and the following reports haven been written for the blog.
Summer of 2013
The Way we Welcome & Clergy Days
Fr Paul Turner was also the main speaker at 4 other RCIA events this summer. The Southern dioceses organised two Conferences in Exeter and Roehampton which looked at the whole of the Rite and explored in the light of the calls for a ‘New Evangelisation’.
The Northern Network hosted two days in Manchester and Ampleforth at which Fr Paul specifically looked at the role of clergy in the Rite.
There reports on all these events on the blog:

Society of St Gregory
Dismissals in the RCIA – Paul Turner

Just in case you are having withdrawal symptoms from Fr Paul he has written an article in the latest edition of Music and Liturgy the journal of the Society of St Gregory on the places of Dismissals in the Rite. He follows his familiar pattern of alerting us to the history, looking at the the rite in detail and exploring the practicalities. The Journal is feee to members of SSG and prospective members can request a copy of the journal for free,

Food for the Journey – Resources & Ideas
This section is an opportunity to share good practice. If you have ideas you would like to share we would love to hear them. Please send an email to Martin Foster – address below.

Using the Lectionary during Summer enquiry

Anna Maria Dupelycz shares a simple idea of how to nurture, enquirers, catechumens, and the team during the summer months when you may not be able to meet with the frequency you manage for the rest of the year.

Question for Reflection
With each issue of the Newsletter we would like to invite to share your experience and insights from your own situation. To open the discussion each time there will be a question which might like to share with others in your parish team. There will also be a link to the Network blog and space for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas.
What aspects of your RCIA ministry would you like to build on in the coming year?

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