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We are now well into the Season of Lent. The Elect and candidates may be basking in the glow of the Rite of Election. And the Team’s thoughts now turn to preparing them to go as deeply into the mysteries of Holy Week as they are able.

Here are some ideas.

  •  A very basic one-  ensure the Elect and candidates know the times of all the key liturgies in Holy Week and the Triduum.
  • Check on transport and childcare needs.  
  • Encourage people to stay for the Watching on Holy Thursday night.
  • Explain why we do it and offer suggestions about how people might use the silence. 

Week 6 – Wood, cross & nails.  These are the visuals to reminder us all of suffering endured by Jesus during Holy Week.

  • Hold a wooden cross in your hand and imagine the pain and anguish felt carrying that cross to the place of death.
  • Remember Jesus’ words: God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son-not to condemn but to save it.

Try an outdoor Way of the Cross. This can make Jesus’ final journey seem more real as people move from one stage to another and have time to reflect along the way.

Holy Saturday

  • Encourage the Elect and candidates to keep Holy Saturday as empty as possible.
  • Fasting can take many forms and is designed to help to focus the mind and heart. So, avoiding all but essential email/text messaging is a kind of fast-as is avoiding shops. Explain that this not all negative but a positive decision to prepare fully for what will happen that night.

 And finally, think about how the group will celebrate Easter!