Presentations of the Creed and the Lord’s Prayer in Lent

January is a good time for the RCIA team to be planning the ‘Presentations’ for those who are going to be baptized at Easter.   Look up the Rite, 134 – 136, 144-149, 165-170 together, and decide what the Rite is asking, and how you are going to engage with the ritual moment.

‘These ancient texts have always been regarded as expressing the heart of the Church’s faith and prayer.  These texts are presented in order to enlighten the elect.’ (extract from RCIA 134)

Key learning? That  the ritual ‘presentation’ of the Creed is about (1) explaining the meaning and importance of the Creed in relation to the life of the Christian disciple, and the elect will pray this for the first time as a profession of their faith at their baptism.  (2) At the presentation, they are invited forward to receive the Creed by ‘listening carefully to the words of that faith by which you will be justified.  The words are few, but the mysteries they contain are great.  Receive them with a sincere heart and be faithful to them.’ (RCIA 147)  The Community proclaims the Creed, and the Elect LISTEN.

Similarly, with the Presentation of the Lord’s Prayer; the elect are invited forward to LISTEN to the gospel in which Our Lord teaches his followers to pray, after which the celebrant explains the meaning and importance of the Lord’s Prayer in our lives.