Have you thought about coming to the RCIA Network conference this year?     It’s called ‘Opening the Doors of Faith’, and is from Wednesday 4-Friday 6 July, at High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon, Herts.  Its going to be exciting!

We are looking at Enquiry and evangelisation through the lens of the parish team.  So what does it mean to have a period of ‘no fixed duration’ – that sounds a bit scary for a start.  No structure either?  Help!  Well, if that is what the Rite says (which it does!), then how do we  as a parish community, and specifically, the RCIA team, approach this period, further described as ‘an opportunity for the beginnings of faith’ and ‘introduction to gospel values’.    What are the principles? 

  • How do we respond to the different needs of the variety of people who cross the threshold – and it isnt ‘show them the DVD’ or tell them ‘come back in September’!?  
  • How can we have an ‘open door’ whatever time of year they come?  
  • How do we listen to, affirm and encourage  the enquirers as they tentatively share their amazing stories of faith in embryo?
  • The ‘door’ of faith for them might have been opened by an encounter at the school gate, the hospital, the workplace, the friend’s house – and vitally, how do we allow these stories  to add fuel to the fire of our own faith journey? 

Truly, we become who we say we are when we are evangelising, through the witness both of our community and individuals lives.   This July conference is a real opportunity to come and reflect on what we mean by the doors of faith being always open (Benedict XVI, Porta Fidei), and share together how the grace of the Holy Spirit is powerfully at work through the catechumenal journey.

To further entice, we have workshops from:

  •  the Liverpool Archdiocese on their new resource for Baptism, based on the RCIA journey
  • a Director of  Pastoral Formation considers how to work an effective RCIA in a group of parishes
  • a London-based priest speaks of his experience with 1st Holy Communion parents and Enquiry
  • the Spirituality Advisor from Hexham & Newcastle shares wisdom on prayer in the period of Enquiry
  • and the Home Mission Desk come to talk about ‘Porta Fidei’ and evangelisation.


Places limited, but we do want you to come!  See website front page for booking form.