As part of its ongoing work in producing resources and offering support to practitioners the RCIA Network Executive has produced the outline of a course for forming & training parish RCIA teams.  The course has been developed as a CCRS (Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies) Specialist Module and has been validated by the Board of Religious Studies of the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales

 Who is the module for?

Anyone who is interested in learning more about RCIA but especially for those who are members of parish RCIA teams or who are aiming to form a parish RCIA team.

 What does the module cover?

  • What is the RCIA?
  • Knowledge of the term RCIA and how it is used in Church documents.
  • The Historical and Cultural Context
  • For whom is the RCIA intended?
  • The distinct periods and steps described in the Rite
  • Liturgies associated with the RCIA
  • Preparation for the Sacraments of Initiation
  • Ministries and Roles within the RCIA process
  • Forming and supporting an RCIA Team

 Who can deliver the module?

  1. Any education centre which teaches the CCRS can deliver the module.  This could be a diocesan centre or an institution.
  2. Experienced RCIA practitioners could deliver the module within a diocese as a stand–alone course for parish teams

 How does this module relate to the CCRS?

The course had been validated by the Board of Religious Studies and can be delivered as one of the two specialist modules of the CCRS course.  The module is listed under the Specialist Modules offered by the Diocese of Leeds but can be taught by any CCRS centre

Can this module only be taught as part of the CCRS?

No! The module can be delivered as a stand-alone course

Download the module descriptor RCIA Syllabus for CCRS Module