The Rite of Election at the beginning of Lent is a significant stage in the journey of faith for thousands of people who seek to become Catholics this Easter. For each diocese gathered around their bishop in the cathedral this is an annual highlight as people from parishes across the diocese gather to recognise the testimony of those who have walked alongside those who either seek baptism or reception into the Catholic Church and for them to be declared ready for this next step.

Resources to assist parishes with the Season of Lent have been produced by the RCIA Network. For more details see below.

Birmingham Rite of Election

Rite of Election Statistics

Each year the figures for the Rite of Election are collated. They may not represent the total number of all who will become Catholics this Easter but it offers an annual snapshot.

 Diocese Adult Catechumens Adult Candidates. Child Catechumens Child Candidates Unknown Total
Arundel and Brighton 42 77 2 121
Birmingham 89 88 2 71 250
Brentwood 117 132 249
Cardiff 28 21 49
Clifton 16 31 47
East Anglia 42 39 81
Hallam 20 26 46
Hexham and Newcastle 20 74 94
Lancaster 21 30 51
Leeds 27 47 8 2 84
Liverpool 34 93 4 4 135
Menevia 2 6 8
Middlesbrough 7 37 44
Northampton 24 45 8 77
Nottingham 42 93 19 9 163
Plymouth 8 22 30
Portsmouth 38 67 105
Salford 42 45 87
Shrewsbury 10 37 47
Southwark 231 204 435
Westminster 247 330 577
Wrexham 1 12 13
 Totals 1108 1556 43 15 71 2793

RCIA: The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – the liturgical text that provides the way that adults become members of the Catholic Church through participation in the liturgy, engagement in the life of the local church, understanding of Church teaching and works of witness and social action.

Rite of Election: the liturgical celebration on or near to the First Sunday of Lent at which the readiness of the Catechumens (and Candidates) is witnessed to and the Bishops declares them ready (the ‘election’)  to celebrate the Sacraments at the next Easter Vigil

Catechumens: Those who have not be previously baptised who seek to become Catholics through the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil.

Candidates: Those who have been previously baptised in another Christian denomination who seek to become Catholics through the Rite of Reception.

Children: Those who are of catechetical age (c. 7) can seek to become Catholics either with families or though their own desire.

Resources for Lent

The RCIA Network has produced a series of resources to assist parishes in the next stage of the journey of faith.

There are:

  • Liturgical resources for the Celebration of the Scrutinies.
  • Notes and Questions for reflection on the Sunday Readings.
  • Study material for the RCIA to develop their understanding of the Rite

Resources for Lent