Dear RCIA practitioner,

RCIA Research Project on behalf of CAFOD

The CAFOD-funded National Federation of Fishworkers organises fishermen to defend their rights [Nithila Mariampillai/HUDEC]I have been commissioned by CAFOD to undertake research amongst RCIA practitioners: especially diocesan co-ordinators, catechists and clergy; but also some new Catholics with recent experience of the RCIA journey.

The aims of the research are:

  • To determine whether or not there is a need to integrate CAFOD and CAFOD’S approach to global social justice into RCIA programmes
  • To discern the most effective ways of achieving such integration
  • To identify training needs and opportunities.

The research will be conducted across three strands: initial questionnaire, informal conversations during the RCIA National Network conference in July, and recorded interviews with a range of respondents. A final report with recommendations about future resourcing for RCIA will be presented to CAFOD at the end of September.

I would be grateful if you would agree to take part in the first strand of this project and I attach a copy of the questionnaire. Please complete it as fully as possible and return it by Friday 27 June. Please feel free to invite other colleagues involved in RCIA at local level and/or some recent new Catholics to complete a questionnaire too. All responses will be treated as confidential and any evidence cited in the final report will be de-personalised. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me, either by e-mail: or see Christian Formation Services website..

With sincere thanks in anticipation of your co-operation, and with very best wishes,

Veronica Murphy