This is usually a down-time as far as RCIA or Journeys in Faith are concerned. It is good to have time out to restore and refresh ourselves and to give time and space for the Spirit to inspire new ideas and enthusiasm.

  • While things are that bit quieter, keep a gentle eye out for our new Catholics. This can be a time when initial zeal can begin to wane as parish life winds down for the summer. If there are any parish activities over the summer make sure they are aware of them and encourage them to join in.
  • With your team, choose a time each day to pray. You do not have to be physically together but tune in spiritually with a form of prayer that appeals to you all – a time to pray with the daily readings – or to say a decade of the Rosary. Stay open to the Holy Spirit who may prompt thoughts about things to do next year – or people who might make good catechists to join the team – or people to invite along to the RCIA next year.
  • The First Reading for the weekend 25/26 June is the account of Elijah passing on the mantle to Elisha – to continue his work. You might like to reflect on this – in part to think about people to whom you might pass on the mantle of the RCIA in your parish – but also how it speaks of your ministry as a catechist: passing on the mantle of faith to those whom you serve. You can find the Reading here:
  • Above all – have a blessed and restful summer!