It’s back to work and colleagues are saying the diet starts now.

I presume the desire to change ourselves is in some way universal and that its contemporary manifestation is around diet. If we need to be aware of what we eat, what is good for us, what we should avoid, what foods will sustain us through the day. We also need to be aware of inner, more spiritual needs as well. This is one of the RCIA Network is offering an overnight Retreat later this month.

The retreat Disciples of Jesus journeying with Mark will focus on the Gospel of Mark which is the main text we hear on Sundays throughout the year. It is intended for anyone with a parish ministry – so bring a friend and colleague with you.

Mark’s Gospel is the shortest and its focus is the Good News which is Jesus and how we recognise him

The intention is to provide food to sustain us through the coming Year of Mark.

Places are still available and details can be found here.