This photo is of the Memorial Window in Stevington Baptist Church. It remembers those from the two world wars who were called, who did their duty and who died. Perhaps it is the ‘call’ that we hold on to as we start a new year. In so many ways we have a new start. The incarnation, a new year, probably even  a new session of RCIA meetings, and what a fitting way to begin, to remember our own baptism and what it feels like to be called to a ministry of evangelising, catechesis, welcoming and accompanying.

There is something about a New Year that lends itself to evaluating and making new plans. As RCIA catechists we have a double task, to look at our own ministry and that of our catechumens. Perhaps some questions will assist.

  • How have I answered the call of my baptism in this past year?
  • Were there times when I resisted or questioned what the Spirit directed?
  • On what occasions did I use my gifts and skills to their best?
  • Did I always listen, to myself and to others?
  • How have I developed my faith?

From an individual evaluation we might in our first team meeting review how RCIA has progressed in the past year. What worked, what challenges did we have, how do we feel we responded to them? Is there a more public face of RCIA in the parish?  Are more of the community involved, has the initiation of new catholics been adopted as the task of the whole community?

There were lots of challenges in 2010, and no doubt they will continue in 2011 but an evaluation, recorded, discussed and  one that initiates change for the better, will give the whole parish a burst of new energy to continue its task of evangelising and  retaining new members in its community. Perhaps 2011 will be the year when Dismissal during the Lent Sunday masses is introduced, or opportunities given to the catechumens and enquirers to continue to meet during the school holiday breaks: for a cup of tea and discussion, a quiet time in the church, to reflect on the Sunday Word.

  • What specific decisions were made in 2010, and how well was the objective achieved?
  • What will we do the same?
  • What will we change?
  • What will we introduce?

Sue P