HS1160002.JPG view from car window of bend.jpg resizedappily my wife recently passed her driving test. Of course this now enables us to share out the family driving and makes life a bit simpler in many ways.

However, I now at times have the new experience of being in the passenger seat and have discovered that I’m not always a good passenger! Being so used to being the one who is driving and is ‘in control’ I now have to get used to being driven.
Many of us involved in the RCIA are used to leading groups and many leaders of long standing will come to a time when they can no longer offer that service for various reasons. In our parishes we need new leaders, new drivers, to take the lead and offer direction.

Every Moses needs a Joshua.
Who is going to take the reins after we move on to other things?

Succession planning is not always the most pressing issue on our agendas but in the long term its key to the fruitfulness of any enterprise. For our family it was a big investment in time and money to get my wife through her test but it’s been worth it, even though it has taken some adjustment for me to get used to the new reality.

Ultimately we believe that the Holy Spirit is, or at least should be, in the driving seat. The Spirit will very naturally bring people along who we can have a role in training, developing and mentoring as future leaders but at some point we have to be willing for them to take the wheel.
Who is leading your RCIA sessions this year? Just one person? A few trusted catechists? Why not, with good preparation, allow a ‘Joshua’ to take the wheel at least for a few sessions at some point in the process? It may be uncomfortable at times to sit in the passenger seat but the journey will be more fruitful.